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  • Baby mobile made of 100% merino wool and bamboo wood. Handmade product.



    For a personalized order:

    Option 1: By changing the colors of the chosen model. I will have balls according to the sizes that I have, respecting your colors. Mention the colors you want by noting their number and write them in the space provided.


    Option 2: For a fully personalized order, click on the option: Custom order in the navigation bar at the top of the page. It will be my pleasure to look with you at the different options and create a tailor-made one for you!


    • Colors: white, peach, mint green, beige

      Figure: bambi

      Stand Dimension: 10″  X  10″

      Mobile Height: Approximately 22"  cm high, calculated from the top of the support to the ball  the lowest

      *The hook is not included

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