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Créations Sweet Coco is a company established in Quebec and specialized in the manufacture of mobiles for babies. I advocate the use of natural, durable and hypoallergenic materials such as wood and 100% merino wool. Each confection is personalized to fit perfectly into YOUR decor while combining originality, functionality and style.  


Behind this beautiful project hides a young mother who has always dreamed of being her own boss. Having always had an entrepreneurial streak (and let's face it, a bit of difficulty conforming to an 8 to 5 routine) it was during my maternity leave that I seized the opportunity to go into business. As an experience in mobile manufacturing, I only had to  active than the one I had made for  my  small  Charlie, so it was a real leap into the void! I quickly discovered a passion for creating personalized mobiles,  activity  to which I have officially decided to devote myself full-time in 2021.

Looking forward to creating the mobile that will guide your coco to the sweetest of sleeps.


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